Wij willen met u aan tafel zitten en in een openhartig gesprek uitvinden welke uitdagingen en vragen er bij u spelen om zo, gezamelijk, tot een beste oplossing te komen. Oftewel, hoe kan de techniek u ondersteunen in plaats van dat u de techniek moet ondersteunen.

Saudi Arabian officials allegedly paid at least two employees of Twitter to access personal information on users the government there was interested in, according to recently unsealed court documents. Those users were warned of the attempt in 2015, but the full picture is only now emerging.

According to an AP report citing the federal complaint, Ahmad Abouammo and Ali Alzabarah were both approached by the Saudi government, which promised “a designer watch and tens of thousands of dollars” if they could retrieve personal information on certain users.

Abouammo worked for Twitter in media partnerships in the Middle East, and Alzabarah was an engineer; both are charged with acting as unregistered Saudi agents — spies.

Alzabarah reportedly met with a member of the Saudi royal family in Washington, D.C. in 2015, and within a week he had begun accessing data on thousands of users, including at least 33 that Saudi Arabia had officially contacted Twitter to request information on. These users included political activists and journalists critical of the royal family and Saudi government.

This did not go unnoticed and Alzabarah, when questioned by his supervisors, reportedly said he had only done it out of curiosity. But when he was forced to leave work, he flew to Saudi Arabia with his family literally the next day, and now works for the government there.

The attempt resulted in Twitter alerting thousands of users that they were the potential targets of a state-sponsored attack, but that there was no evidence their personal data had actually been exfiltrated. Last year, the New York Times reported that this event had been prompted by a Twitter employee groomed by Saudi officials for the purpose. And now we learn there was another employee engaged in similar activity.

The cases in question are still open and as such more information will likely come to light soon. I asked Twitter for comment on the events and what specifically it had done to prevent similar attacks in the future. It did not respond directly to these queries, instead providing the following statement:

We would like to thank the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice for their support with this investigation. We recognize the lengths bad actors will go to try and undermine our service. Our company limits access to sensitive account information to a limited group of trained and vetted employees. We understand the incredible risks faced by many who use Twitter to share their perspectives with the world and to hold those in power accountable. We have tools in place to protect their privacy and their ability to do their vital work. We’re committed to protecting those who use our service to advocate for equality, individual freedoms, and human rights.


Flying cars, or at least their functional equivalent, edge closer to reality every day – and startup Kitty Hawk wants you to know it’s putting in the flying time to make it happen. The company, led by former Google self-driving car visionary Sebastian Thrun, has now flown its first aircraft, the one-person Flyer, over 25,000 times. That includes both its excursions as a prototype that resembled a flying motorcycle or ATV, and in its current, more refined, mostly enclosed cockpit design.

Flyer is now one of two aircraft that Kitty Hawk is working on bringing to market, alongside its Cora two-person, autonomous taxi built in collaboration with Boeing. Flyer is a one-person, human piloted aircraft designed primarily for recreational use, and Kitty Hawk has said it’s refined the vehicle to the point where someone with no experience can learn to fly it in 15 minutes. The company is currently looking for applications for potential partners who want to deploy it in their communities, and it does seem like the type of thing that might do well as an organized excursion activity at a travel destination or resort.

There’s no info on pricing or actual availability yet, but there was a limited Founder Series pre-order for individual purchasers with deep pockets. The aircraft features pontoons and is designed for use over water, and it can fly between three and 10 ft above the surface with vertical take-off and landing capabilities.

Personally, I’d probably opt for the flying jet-ski over paragliding if it was on offer at a vacation spot, so here’s hoping this actually finds a path to commercialization somewhat soon.


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Nieuwe Windows 10-versie verschijnt januari 2015
Personal Computer Magazine
Een nieuwe release van Windows 10 verschijnt 21 januari. Dat blijkt uit een uitnodiging van Microsoft aan het adres van PCM. De versie die voor volgend jaar januari gepland staat, is een testversie van Windows 10 die ook geschikt is voor consumenten.
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De beste Cydia-jailbreak-tweaks voor iOS 8 en 8.1
Personal Computer Magazine
Sommigen zeggen dat je met iOS 8 geen jailbreak meer nodig hebt, omdat het besturingssysteem eindelijk zo goed is dat je er niets aan hoeft te veranderen. Dat vinden wij bij PCMweb onzin, want er is nog genoeg te verbeteren aan het mobiele OS.
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Medeoprichter Android weg bij Google
Personal Computer Magazine
Andy Rubin verlaat Google en start een incubator die startups helpt bij het realiseren van hun techproducten. Rubin is oorspronkelijk verantwoordelijk geweest voor het besturingssysteem Android. Toen zijn bedrijf in 2005 werd opgekocht door Google, …
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Google verwerkt krap 9000 Nederlandse verwijderingsverzoeken
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Google heeft vanuit Nederland bijna 9000 verwijderingsverzoeken ontvangen met betrekking tot meer dan 33.000 URL's, sinds het Europese Hof in mei het vergeetrecht heeft ingesteld. Daarop zijn 10.640 URL's ook daadwerkelijk uit de zoekindex …
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LG introduceert goedkope 4G-smartphone F60
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LG komt volgende week met een goedkope 4G-smartphone op de Nederlandse markt. Het toestel, de F60, heeft een scherm van 4,5" en draait op Android 4.4. De F60 kost slechts 179 euro, en is daarmee één van de goedkoopste toestellen die in Nederland …
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